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After four wonderful years, we have discontinued individual orders through our online store. Thank you for contributing to
our success. We will continue 
to support the dialysis and chemotherapy communities through our indivual efforts and website.

Garments are still available for purchase with a minimum order of (5) items -- see Commercial Order page.

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"Worked very well; wouldn't change anything. I'm looking forward to giving another shirt to my Dad for Christmas! Blessings!"

-- Customer, Maryland


"Keeps me comfortable in an air-conditioned atmosphere as I sit there in dialysis. An excellent product."

-- Morton R., Massachusetts


"Haven't heard anything [negative] from patients or staff. We purchased 3 garments to be given to a dialysis patient, an infusion patient and a chemo patient. All three of the patients were very happy with the Libre shirt and were recommending it to other patients. The staff also found the garment to be extremely easy to use, and shortened their clinical time. We will be ordering more!"

-- Pat F., Circle of Care Boutique, New Hampshire


"My father-in-law raves about it at his dialysis center in WI. He has been sharing your product info with other dialysis patients at his center. I know we will purchase another one for him for Christmas. I'm so glad that I saw your story on Channel 4. Thanks!"

-- Customer, Ohio

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Chemo Clothing Innovative Award

Welcome to the Libre Clothing website! Our goal is to make the Libre Clothing site more than just an online store, which is why we provide resources, organizations, and materials to help patients get through this stressful time in their lives. Explore our website and feel free to send us an email or give us a call. Let us know what you like or what you would like to see more of. Libre Clothing is here to serve patients, caregivers, and medical professionals.

Libre Clothing was designed after watching relatives routinely sit through treatment being cold and uncomfortable. We created a line of clothing to provide warmth and comfort to patients, and the discreetness of the zipper allows our products to easily be worn inside or outside of treatment. The needs of our relatives and customers do not stop at their clothing for treatment, and we have made an effort to meet those additional needs, not only throughout the Libre Clothing website, but also in our community involvement. Our goal is to focus on the needs of the entire infusion community.

Here at Libre Clothing, we strive to ease the burden of treatment days by helping our customers remain comfortable during dialysis, chemotherapy, or other infusion treatments. We believe every little bit counts, and if Libre Clothing can make a patient more comfortable during treatment days then we will keep doing what we are doing. If you are interested in hearing what the community thinks about Libre Clothing, please check out our Testimonials page.

We are committed to working with organizations that share in our goals. If you know of a charity, foundation, or other organization that would benefit from our donation program or would serve as a valuable resource to our customers, please email a Libre Clothing representative at

Thanks again for checking out the site and have a great day!

The Libre Clothing Team